Iced Tea Cart Brisbane

The trick to keeping 600 drinks icy cold

There’s nothing like a cold refreshing iced tea on a hot summer’s day.  Last semester our good friends at the University of Queensland hired our iced tea cart to keep 600 Business, Economics and Law students very hydrated during Bloom Fest.  And keeping 600 drinks cold at an outdoor event?  This is the kind of challenge we love!  It was a great day and while we knew the drinks would go fast, one small hurdle we did need to overcome was a way to keep so many bottles of iced tea cold, without easy access to our fridges.  We love a challenge though, and it wasn’t long before we had the solution.  To fit in with the festival theme we blew up a brightly coloured inflatable pool, filled it with ice and stored hundreds of our bottles of iced tea there.  Happy iced tea fest!

The University of Queensland events team loved the idea, and it added lots of fun and a great element of theatre to our drinks cart.  While the bottles were served out of ice buckets from our iced tea cart, the icy cold bottles from the pool were ready to go when the buckets needed replenishing.  And when we had a rush of students lining up for refreshments, they could also self-serve by scooping drinks straight out of the pool.  Win win!

Our team were also in charge of the sweet treats, and spent the day spinning purple floss from our cute fairy floss cart – keeping hundreds of students very happy during exam week.

So if you’re in Brisbane and are looking for some out-of-the-box thinking and a way to inject fun into catering your next event, try Hello Carts.  We’ll bring some tasty treats and drinks and serve them with style from our cute food carts (or pools!).