Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We have offices in Brisbane, Queensland, and in Adelaide, South Australia. Our teams cover events in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the greater Adelaide area.  Some of our carts also flat pack and can be sent all over Australia, no matter where your event is located.

Are you COVID safe?

Absolutely. We comply with all Australian food safety standards and take additional government-mandated cautions as necessary. Most of our food and beverage range is supplied pre-packaged and self-serve to ensure we minimise all contact. Our staff have completed Infection Control Training for Covid19.

How do I book?

Reach out to us at or by phone and we will start the booking process with you. Our very first step is to send you our online booking form and menu. Let’s start planning!

Do your carts need power?

Our red ice cream cart and our coffee carts both need power. If you are unable to provide access to mains power, we can supply a generator.

Do you supply attendants?

Yes. Our quote will always include the supply of one very friendly attendant and/or barista for your event (or more if required). If you would like to run the cart yourself, we can deliver it for you and provide you or your team with training.

Can we brand your attendants?

Absolutely. Our team are very happy to wear shirts/caps/aprons or anything else bearing your logo!

Can the carts be customised or branded?

Yes, we can brand each of our carts with your logo or artwork and we can build or supply custom themed carts for your events.

Can the food and beverages be customised or branded?

Yes, nearly all the food and drink we supply can be customised. We can apply custom labels to our coffee cups and iced tea cups, or even arrange for custom printed cups for big events. We can provide printed napkins and food packaging and can even theme our fairy floss colours for your event. Some of our suppliers also customise their colours/flavours to suit your individual needs.

How big are your carts?

Our food carts are 1500mm long x 750mm wide. Our bikes are 2100mm long x 900mm wide.

Can you sell our products from your carts?

Yes, we can sell products on your behalf at retail outlets, markets, conferences, or events. We have full EFTPOS facilities and/or cash facilities if needed

Do you only supply food and drink from your carts?

No, we have been hired for a range of different events and have supplied everything from sample packs to brochures, brand merch and t-shirts from our carts. If your product will fit in or on our carts, we are happy to hand it out or sell it on your behalf!

My event isn't near one of your offices. Is this a problem?

In great news, some of our gorgeous carts flat pack. Contact us for further information about buying a cart, or having one sent to your event.

Why food carts?

Great question. Food carts are gorgeous small catering carts for when you need a mobile catering solution.  They can be used indoors or outdoors and are often used when food trucks are too big for your space.  They are a fabulous way to draw a crowd at your event, or to increase brand engagement.  Our food carts, including our gelato and ice cream carts are hired for:

  • Brand activations
  • Conferences
  • Retail shopping incentives
  • Employee appreciation days
  • Product launches
  • VIP events
  • Corporate events
  • Display village opening days
  • Store opening days and special events
  • Private events
  • Weddings
Do you have an even more mobile catering option?

Yes, we do. If you would like your food/drink served by roaming staff, our team can wander throughout your event with usherette trays. Contact us for further information.

Can your carts go anywhere?

We think so! In great news, some of our carts flat pack. Those carts can be dismantled, moved to your desired location and built on-site. This is also great if you’re having an event in a remote location, as we can courier the food carts to you.

Do you offer long term hire?

Yes, we offer both short-term and long-term hire. We can put together a cart proposal to suit any duration of event.

How much experience do you have in events?

Our directors have worked in the Australian and Canadian events industries. Combined they have over 30 years’ experience in events.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are covered by 20 million dollars in public liability insurance.