About Us

Hello Carts provides coffee carts, food carts and catering for events.  With a head office in Brisbane and an office in Adelaide, we deliver catering services all over South East Queensland, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts, and the greater Adelaide area.

How did we get started?

In 2018, after more than a decade providing event services in the photography and tech fields, our team was asked to provide catering for one of our favourite Brisbane clients.  The next month our little red gelato cart arrived on the Brisbane food cart scene, and as they say – the rest is history.  Initially the ice cream bike joined our events business Frankly Social and enjoyed days out filled with gelato, cold brew coffee, choc top ice creams and gorgeous brownies.  It wasn’t too long before she joined our most wanted list, and it became quite clear that she deserved her own website.  In 2020 Hello Carts was born.

What are you up to now?

Our business is growing and our cart collection is increasing! We now have multiple coffee carts that operate in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts. We also have a collection of cute white, pink, natural and black carts around Brisbane, and of course our ice cream cart. Adelaide is much the same, with multiple coffee carts, ice cream and food carts operating all around the greater Adelaide area. If you’ve been in touch lately you no doubt have a copy of our latest menus. We offer a wide range of food and drink catering options in Brisbane, and of course we make it cute! Here are some of our favourites:

Donut carts
Brownie carts
Ice cream carts
Choc top ice cream carts
Gelato carts
Coffee carts
Iced coffee carts
Puppacino carts
Popcorn carts
Jam donut carts
Pretzel carts
Muffin carts
Fairy floss carts
Iced tea carts
Cold pressed juice carts

While we can’t fit everything on our Brisbane catering menu, we also supply other catering on request:
Savoury croissants
Cinnamon donuts
Fresh fruit

If you’re looking for delicious Brisbane catering displayed on gorgeous food carts you’ve come to the right place!