Coffee Cart

Our gorgeous coffee carts are fully mobile cafes, perfect for indoor or outdoor events. Our baristas serve specialty coffees including decaf and chai lattes, as well as delicious hot chocolates and hot tea. We always have dairy and alternative milks like oat, almond and soy on board.  We can also serve other tasty food and drinks from our coffee carts, including iced tea, cafe-style cookies, or locally made brownies and donuts.

Natural Cart

Our natural timber carts are a perfect blank canvas for your brand or event.  These carts are paired perfectly with our white/nude umbrellas and signage of your choice.

Black Cart

Our black food carts are a classic look with their black/white/timber colours, and look great serving up coffee, cookies, brownies and anything tasty.  Couple these beauties with our black/white striped umbrellas for some serious class.  Or go without the umbrella for a more subtle look.

Pink Cart

Our whimsical pink food carts are very cute, and perfect for fairy floss, cookies, pop corn and anything fun!  We match a tropical themed umbrella to these carts to remind our guests of summer, the beach and fun times.

Red Ice Cream Bike

Our glossy red ice cream bike has a fridge/freezer on the front, making her perfect for serving gelato, ice cream, cold drinks and anything that needs to be chilled.  We add a tropical or red umbrella to this cart to bring back all those summer ice cream feels!