Brisbane Choc Top Ice Cream Cart

A Choc Top Ice Cream Cart equals summer!

You all know that sound – the glorious crack as you bite into an icy cold choc top waffle cone. Normally the hallmark of movie cinemas, Hello Carts are very blessed to have their very own Queensland supplier who makes us two delicious choc top ice cream flavours – original vanilla ice cream with milk chocolate top, and rainbow ice cream with white chocolate top. We love that they’re made fresh with Queensland ice cream and are all individually wrapped and Covid-friendly, ready for our events.

When our client came to us recently with their idea of bringing summer fun times to a Brisbane property launch, our choc top ice cream bike was the first thing we had in mind. We decked her out with a palm-beach style umbrella and flavour signage and we instantly had summer on wheels, ready to hand out free choc top cones to all their guests!

Having our carts mobile and able to be wheeled around also means we can take the food to where the guests are, or in this case encourage the guests to walk to us. Our client had a lake that they wanted to showcase to their guests. By positioning our choc top cart up on the viewing deck, guests could see our umbrella from their arrival point, and were encouraged to make their way around to our spot by taking a wander along the walking trail. We had very happy clients – delighted that their guests were able to take in all the views and sights of the development, who in turn were very happy with the sweet treats to reward them at the end.

A choc top cart is one way to celebrate summer, and choc tops are just one of the tasty treats we serve from our cute trike. We can serve locally made ice cream, gelato, iced coffee, Brisbane’s best brownies or even your own products, and we customise the signage to suit every event. We’ve even had our red bike filled with t-shirts before. Reach out if you need small catering services for your next Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast event – we would love to assist.