Fairy Floss Cart Hire Brisbane

Cute fairy floss cart hire in Brisbane

There’s no denying the fact that kids love fairy floss.  We rarely do any events with our fairy floss carts where the line up stops.  Generally, people start lining up before we even kick off!

While hiring a fairy floss machine to do-it-yourself is a great way to save money, ultimately making fairy floss does require skill and experience.  Our head floss-makers, Nikki and Lisa will tell you it’s all that much easier after the first few thousand sticks of floss!  When we bring a fairy floss cart to your event, we’ll have everything we need to make sure floss is made non-stop for the hours you hire us for.  We’ll have the right sugar, the right floss sticks, and a fairy floss machine that can keep up with the pace.

While we offer ‘unlimited’ serves for the duration of your fairy floss event, our floss makers can make approximately 75 sticks of floss per hour if the line doesn’t stop.  Keep these numbers in mind, particularly if looking to hire us for a larger event.

We have a range of fairy floss carts in different colours and sizes.  Let us know a little about your event and we’ll be able to recommend the best cart to suit your needs.