University Of Queensland Popsicle Cart

Catering for large student groups in Brisbane

In our 6 years of catering in the Brisbane events scene, we’ve been really blessed to work many events at major South East Queensland universities.  Running events for large unis wouldn’t be easy, with thousands of students on campus, and the Uni event staff definitely have their work cut out for them.  Their job is to bring squillions of students together, to have them actively engaged in O-Week activities, which help them settle into uni life and get a full understanding of the services and facilities available on campus.  We are brought into the mix to provide snacks and drinks for students during these large O-Week events and at different orientation gatherings or student festivals.

One thing we consider during planning is the mix of students we will come across.  Many students at these events are international students, so we are catering for a range of cultures and tastes from all around the world.  What we’ve found thankfully, is there is a large range of snack foods that suit all tastes and cultures, and no matter where the student comes from, if we have these foods on hand they are very happy!

Earlier this year during O-Week we delivered one of our largest events yet, with 1700 serves of popcorn and 1700 donuts at the University of Queensland.  The donuts and popcorn gave the students something savoury and something sweet, and also something to photograph for social media as they all looked so colourful.  The students were able to interact with each other as they lined up for food, which was a great way for them to meet other students and form larger friendship circles within their faculty.

The event was a great success, with lots of happy students, happy event organisers and a successful O-Week for the Business, Economics and Law Faculty.