Mmmm, the smell of freshly made cinema quality popcorn. We all know that smell, right? We’ve probably all gone to the movie cinema at some point not for the movie but for the buttery popcorn – am I right?! Yes I am! And we all know why. The smell, the taste, the nostalgia. It all adds up. If you’re after a visually appealing and yummy snack for your next event, don’t go past our popcorn cart hire. We’ve been hiring out popcorn carts in Brisbane and Adelaide since 2018. Read on for why it could be one of the best snack food carts we hire out:

Why hire a popcorn cart – lets go through the benefits:

White Popcorn Cart Hire Brisbane

1. Looks great

We have a range of popcorn carts in our fleet. Our white timber carts are the most popular, and include plain or VJ panelling, and can include a decorative front wheel.  They all include signage, umbrellas and display room for popcorn boxes and paper bags to sit on the top of the cart. If you’re interested in how a popcorn cart can look cute at your event, check out these great Pinterest ideas.

2. Smells great

The smell when we cook popcorn live at an event is a hugely underrated benefit of hiring one of our carts – particularly if you need us for marketing purposes. Your guests won’t walk past us like we’re trying to sell them something. The theatre of it all – the sound of popping and the freshly cooked popcorn smell brings crowds along for the buttery goodness.

Popcorn Cart Brisbane
Hot Popcorn Cart Hire Brisbane

3. Cost effective

Check our latest menus and pricing and you’ll see that popcorn per serve is very cost effective. When you’ve got a lot of guests, this is a great way to keep your costs down, while keeping guest satisfaction up.

4. Fast service

Even though we cook our popcorn live at your event, with continual cooking we can make up to 100 serves per hour. If there’s a large number of guests, we’ll start cooking early and keep all that popped corn in the warmer, so that we’ve got some ready to go for when your guests arrive.

Black Popcorn Cart Brisbane
Brisbane Popcorn Cart Hire

5. Ticks all the dietary requirement boxes

If you’ve planned an event before, you’ll know the dietary requirement juggle. 200 guests, and 20 different dietary needs. This is a tricky, but necessary part of running any event where food is involved. We want happy guests, and making sure we can accommodate dietary needs is a must. Hello popcorn! One of our favourite benefits of serving up popcorn is how it suits so many dietary needs. Popcorn is gluten free and dairy free, and is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. True story. The cinema style butter salt popcorn we serve is made with vegetable oil, salt and artificial butter flavouring – so no real dairy is used. If your goal is to bring together people from everywhere, popcorn is a great dietary all-rounder.

6. Popcorn for your brand

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, conference, expo or festival, freshly popped popcorn ticks quite a lot of boxes for a brand engagement activation. The sound and smell are key to drawing guests to your stand, and while we serve attendees a yummy snack, your staff can deliver your core message. We can also add your branding or logo to the cart to make sure your company is front and centre. We offer full cart wraps or full colour front panels to customise the cart so that guests remember you and the delicious snacks you gave them!

Popcorn Machine Cart Brisbane


• We have a range of popcorn carts and popcorn machines for hire in Brisbane and Adelaide.
• All of our carts come with an attendant to make and serve the popcorn for you.
• One cart with one machine and attendant can produce 100 bags of popcorn per hour.
• We provide our carts with umbrellas and flavour signage at no extra cost.
• Extras available include cart branding and popcorn box/bag branding.
• All popcorn is served in cute paper bags, but this can be upgraded to popcorn boxes for a small fee.
• We do require access to one standard power point for your event. If power isn’t available on-site, we can provide a generator.
• In Brisbane we also offer a range of popcorn flavourings – have a chat to our team about what’s available when you book.

Any other questions? Reach out to us by phone or email – we’d love to hear from you!