Cold press juice – guests love it

There’s a lot to be said about having a Cold Pressed Juice cart at your event.  This is the type of cart that gives your event a premium feel:

  • Freshly pressed Australian fruit – yes
  • Cold and refreshing – yes
  • Health benefits and nutrient rich – yes
  • Re-useable bottles delivering a sustainability message – yes.

Here’s the run down on our juice carts for hire and how they can lift your brand engagement:

Re Useable Cold Press Juice Bottles Brisbane

1. Reusable glass bottles 

Our sturdy 300ml glass bottles have a stainless steel lid with carry strap.  These are a wonderful reusable bottle, and bearing your branded labels they will be something to remind your guests of your brand for long after your event is over.  The bottles are a generous serve, look stunning on ice, and deliver a strong sustainability message.  If you’re interested in the milk bottle look, we also offer those in a 300ml version with silver lids.

2. Freshly pressed Australian fruit

Our cold press juice is freshly bottled in time for your event.  We offer 3 seasonal flavours including an orange juice, a berry mix and a green juice.  As our juice is freshly bottled and contains no preservatives, it should be consumed within 4 days of your event.

Brisbane Juice Cart Hire
Cold Pressed Juice Branded Bottles Brisbane

3. Display options

Our cold pressed juice is displayed on our carts on ice, and in either champagne bowls or in large acrylic trays.  The colours look gorgeous, and never fail to draw a lot of attention.  There’s not many guests who would walk past an icy cold fresh juice in our Queensland heat!

4. Health benefits

Our freshly bottled juice has no preservatives.  It is made from 100% Australian fruit and is of course, 100% plant based.  The cold pressing method extracts juice from fruit and vegetables without applying heat.  This helps to preserve the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in the fruit and vegetables that used to make our juice.  This is a great drink option for the health conscious, and paired with the reusable bottle, it’s better for the environment as well.

Cute Juice Cart Brisbane Conferences Events
Branded Juice Bottles Brisbane

5. On brand juice options

We apply glossy custom printed stickers to the bottles to ensure your brand is front and centre.  If you’re looking to deliver brand messaging around trust, reliability, health and sustainability, a premium juice cart is a great way to deliver that message.  Serve your juice bottles from a branded drinks cart with matching umbrella, and you have a juice station that will align perfectly with your brand identity.  

Helpful tips when hiring a juice cart in Brisbane

  • Our most popular juice carts are white carts with beautiful timber tops, however we also have natural, pink and black juice carts if those options better suit your needs.
  • Our juice carts come with an attendant to manage the juice display, engage with your guests and encourage them to take a drink.
  • Pair bottled juice with any of our other food or drink options on a single cart.
  • Our carts come with umbrellas and flavour signage at no extra cost.
  • Extras available include cart and bottle branding.
  • In Brisbane our standard cold pressed juice range includes 3 different flavours.  Have a chat to our team about what’s available when you book. If you have any questions contact us by phone or email – we’d love to help.