Iced tea or bubble tea – it’s refreshing and delicious

Iced tea is a great choice in the Australian summer to help you keep a large number of guests hydrated.  When we set up an iced tea or bubble tea cart, we fill lovely glass beverage dispensers with delicious Australian-made iced tea flavours.  Here’s the run down on why it’s one of our go-to drink options:

Brisbane Iced Tea Cart

1. Eye catching

Our large glass beverage dispensers arranged across the top of our carts catches the attention of guests.  People love self-serve, they love ice cold drinks, and they love something refreshing to keep them hydrated through events.  We arrange the dispensers with cute signage, bowls of fruit and even bunches of lemons straight from our personal lemon tree!

2. Variety of flavours

Our iced tea is made with seasonal Australian fruit on a base of black or green tea.  We have a range of different flavours, and can source your preferred flavours or colours to match your brand or styling.

Our fruit bubble tea includes jellies or popping balls in the flavour of your choice.

Iced Green Tea Brisbane Event Hire
Iced Tea And Donuts Cart Hire Brisbane

3. Cost effective

Our iced tea service is the most inexpensive option on our menu.  It’s also a great add on to our coffee carts, or even paired with food such as donuts or brownies.

While there is additional cost for boba tea, bubble tea is still one of our most inexpensive menu options.  

4. Fast self service

We can easily serve hundreds of guests in only a few hours with our multiple beverage dispensers that become a one-stop drink station.  On many occasions we deliver 800+ serves in a short period of time, by letting guests self-serve from our large glass dispensers.  Guests can take as much or as little as they need to help reduce any wastage.  

Iced Tea Cart Hire Brisbane Events
Iced Tea And Brownies Cart Hire Brisbane

5. Cultural appeal

Trying to keep any North Americans or university students hydrated?  Iced tea is a huge part of the North American culture, and something which is definitely recognised as a great thirst-quencher amongst our student population.  It’s often associated with social gatherings, picnics and outdoor events, making it a perfect choice in our hot Australian summers.  And let’s face it, if you’re in Queensland that means iced tea is a drink of choice for about 9 months of the year! 

6. On brand tea

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, conference or expo we can custom design our iced tea or bubble tea cart to align with your brand. We offer full colour front panels for our carts and full colour stickers for the cups.  We can also hand stamp your logo or message onto paper cups if you’re after a compostable cup option.  Right down to straw colour, we can make the drinks work for you and your brand.

Iced Tea Cart Hire Brisbane

Helpful tips when hiring an iced tea cart in Brisbane

  • We have a range of iced tea carts and bubble tea carts for hire in Brisbane and Adelaide.  Our most popular are our white carts with beautiful timber tops.
  • All of our carts come with an attendant to fill and re-fill the beverage dispensers as required, and to encourage your guests to help themselves to a drink.
  • One beverage dispenser holds up to 30 serves.
  • We provide our carts with umbrellas and flavour signage at no extra cost.
  • Extras available include cart branding and cup branding.
  • Our iced tea and bubble tea is served in clear plastic cups, or white compostable paper cups.
  • We don’t require power for this cart, as our tea is kept on ice.
  • In Brisbane we offer a range of iced tea and boba tea flavourings – have a chat to our team about what’s available when you book. Any other questions? Reach out to us by phone or email – we’d love to hear from you!