If you haven’t hired an ice cream or gelato cart from us before you might be wondering how it all works.  Here we give you a rundown on the hire process, and also some benefits to having one of these carts at your event.

Brisbane Red Ice Cream Bike for hire

1. Our ice cream and gelato carts

In Brisbane we offer a red ice cream bike for hire, and in Adelaide a teal ice cream bike.  Both are ridiculously cute and look great with their matching umbrellas.  We offer free customisation of the wording on the front of the ice cream cart for every event (chat to each of our locations for details).  This is a really nice touch, and doubles as a great photo opportunity for you and your guests.

2. Our ice cream and gelato – pre-packaged or scoop?

Both our Brisbane and Adelaide teams offer pre-packed individual cups, as well as a scoop service.

Pre-packed serves are great for larger events where you need to feed a lot of guests quickly. Scoop ice cream and gelato adds an element of theatre to your event experience, and is great for smaller or slower events.

We supply a wide range of ice cream and gelato, with options for many different dietary needs.  Our menus outline which of our flavours are gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

Hello Carts Gelato Cart Hire Brisbane
Gelato Ice Cream Bike

3. Space required

Our ice cream bikes measure 90cm wide x 2.2m long.  They fit into some lifts, as the bikes pivot slightly in the centre.  If we need to travel in a lift to your event space please measure it to make sure we can fit.

If you’re thinking of hiring an ice cream truck or van but have limited space then you’ll find hiring one of our ice cream bikes is a great alternative.  We can operate inside or outside, wherever you need us.  We require power to keep all of our frozen goodies cold, but can supply a generator if necessary.

4. How many serves of ice cream should we order?

Generally 1 serve per person is enough, particularly if you’re operating your event with a ticket system.  We do however go to large public events where guests (particularly children!) come back many times.  When ordering from us it’s important to balance guest numbers with your budget.  Keep in mind that if you order pre-packed serves from us, you can keep any leftovers at the end of your event.

Our bikes hold between 300 and 400 serves at a time.  If you require more than that we bring additional supplies with us in a portable freezer.

Brisbane Rent A Gelato Cart
Brisbane Ice Cream Cart Hire

5. Picture perfect opportunities

Our gelato carts serve as a fun backdrop for photos. Our carts are brightly coloured with a vintage charm, and our gelato cups and colourful ice cream adds an element of fun to every social media post!  Hiring a gelato cart isn’t just about providing a treat or dessert for your guests.  The visual appeal and novelty of being served ice cream from a bike is another source of entertainment at your event.  No-one hates the ice cream vendor!

6. What do you need to supply?

We aim to provide you with hassle-free set up and service.  The only thing we need from you is a space to set up our cart, and access to one standard power point.  If you don’t have mains power readily available, we can also supply a generator.

Hello Carts Ice Cream flavours Brisbane

7. Hiring one of our carts for a conference?  You’re in for a treat.

Remember, the key to exhibiting at a conference or event is to stand out from your competitors.  While we don’t ride them often, we can actually ride or push our bikes around your conference centre or exhibition space!  We’ve done it before and we end up with people following us and crowding around us asking what flavours we have on board.  We can add your branding and logo to the front of the bike, and even add your logo to the ice cream packaging to really drive the brand engagement home.