How to keep kids happy at your event – even the big ones!

When you think of hiring a fairy floss cart for your event, you probably think it’s to keep all the kids happy and that’s mostly true!  It would surprise you just how many adults and big kids love their fairy floss too, and not just in champagne glasses.  One of the reasons we love our job so much is that sweet treats keep the big and little kids happy – and our very sweet fairy floss carts are a great example of that.

Fairy Floss Cart Brisbane

1. Our fairy floss carts

In Brisbane we have both white and pink fairy floss carts available for hire.  Both are ridiculously cute and have a range of umbrellas for you to choose from. Hot Tip – this is an easy way to tie-in brand colours if needed!

2. Fairy floss – pre-packaged or live spinning at your event

Both our Brisbane and Adelaide teams offer live spinning and pre-packaged fairy floss for events.  Live spinning is our speciality, and we can spin 75 sticks of floss per hour to keep even the largest groups happy.

Live spinning of floss comes with a theatre element to it that makes for a lot of fun at any event.  Parents and children love to watch the ‘spider webs’ come out of the floss machine and be scooped up by our experienced attendants.  With live spinning we can offer different fairy floss sugars and colours, and offer guests the choice.  Our flavour and colour range is huge and we can even tie in the floss colour with your brand colours.

We can provide pre-bagged fairy floss if needed.  The bags are a great option if you need a smaller number of serves and want to add fairy floss to another food offering eg. a floss and donut cart.  

Fairy Floss Cart Hire Brisbane
White Cart Fairy Floss With Blue Umbrella

3. Dietary requirements

Fairy floss is a great all rounder, and we haven’t met any food allergy it doesn’t like.  Fairy floss is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free.  It is made from cane sugar, with added colours and flavours.  

4. Space required

Our most popular fairy floss carts are our white and pink carts.  However if you’re after something a little different we can even spin fairy floss from our natural or black coloured fairy floss carts.  We can operate inside or outside, wherever you need us.  We require access to a regular power point to run our machines, but can supply generators if necessary.

Our white carts are 112cm long x 62cm wide x 90cm high.  

Our pink, natural and black carts are 152cm long x 75cm wide x 90cm high.

All of our carts are assembled on-site, so narrow doorways are not an issue.

Fairy floss cart Brisbane
Fairy Floss Cart Hire Brisbane

5. Photo opportunities

It wouldn’t surprise you that many of our guests whip out their smart phone to capture photos of themselves, their children, and everyone at the party holding their fairy floss.  Our carts are cute, our umbrellas are cute, and the floss looks cute.  It’s a win win for everyone and looks fab on your guest’s socials! If you’re looking for something super photogenic, please also reach out to us about how we can include themed decorations, custom fairy floss packaging or additional branding opportunities on the cart or floss.  We’ll do our best to make sure your brand is the centre of attention at any event.

6. What do you need to supply?

We aim to provide you with hassle-free set up and service.  The only thing we need from you is a space to set up our cart, and access to one standard power point.  If you don’t have mains power readily available, we can also supply a generator.

Brisbane fairy floss cart for hire

7. Hiring a fairy floss cart for a Queensland conference?  Great choice.

Our fairy floss attendants are friendly brand-ambassadors, ready to make conference delegates smile and enjoy their time at your conference stand.  While we spin the fairy floss, your team can connect with their guests and deliver your core message.