Everyone loves the donut cart!

A year-round crowd pleaser, our donut carts are a sweet way to curb sugar cravings and deliver happiness and colour to your event.  Here’s the low down on why they’re a great all-rounder:

Brisbane Donut Cart For Conferences And Exhibitions

1. Donuts are baked fresh in Brisbane

Our Brisbane baker gets up early every morning to bake fresh donuts for us, and then ice them according to our instructions.  When we take them out of the box at your event, everyone gets the freshly baked smell – it’s delicious!

2. Large or small quantities, we’ve got you sorted

Our biggest donut catering event in Brisbane, to date, has been 1700 donuts in one morning.  It was a huge event and featured some of the chocolate-iced donuts you can see here. They went down a treat!  If you have a much smaller group, that’s okay – we cater to small events as well.

Brisbane Donut Cart For Hire
Brisbane Donut Cart For Events

3. Keep them!

If there are leftover donuts from your event, we’ll make sure they don’t go to waste.  We will pack up and give you any remaining donuts so that you and your colleagues can enjoy them after your event.  If you can’t take them with you, we’ve partnered with a Brisbane organisation that feeds the vulnerable, and we’ll ensure they get into the right hands.

4. Can you make them in our colours?

We sure can.  We can have your donuts iced and sprinkled in the colours that suit your brand or your theme.  If you want to go even more custom, we can also serve the donuts on branded napkins or into white paper bags that have been printed or stamped with your logo.  We have ways of making sure your branding is involved in all aspects of our donut cart catering service.

Brisbane Donut Cart

6. Why hire a donut cart for a conference or exhibition?

We love this idea, and from our experience, it’s a great way to engage with your target market and potential clients.  We can provide iced or glazed donuts that match your brand colours and look great displayed on our cute donut carts.  Placed in a nice visible spot at the front of your stand it attracts attendees, who you then get to chat to about your core offering or message.  While many guests will take a donut to eat, even those that don’t will take one for their husband, wife, child as ‘they would love one!’.  We can supply branded paper serving bags or containers to ensure that everyone gets a donut.


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